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Ecuadorian visual storyteller. He is a member of Fluxus Foto and The Everyday Projects 
He has worked in several State programs and NGOs as an educator through workshops and a producer of photographic and audiovisual content focused on Edu-Communication, Human Rights and Territory. He has also produced educational programs for Public TV.

David has collaborated with Bloomberg News - Cannabis Scientist Magazine.
Assignments for UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency  -  Amnesty International Sverige.
His work has been published in the Washington Post, BBC News, El País, Amnesty Press, G1 Global News, My News Desk, Visão Magazine, Bistandsaktuelt, DulceEquisNegra Magazine, El Salto Diario amongst others.


- National Geographic,  COVID-19 Emergency Found for Journalist 2020 with Fluxus Foto.
- King's College London, The Visual Embodied Methodologies (VEM) Found 2020. 
- The Year in Pictures 2019, for Bloomberg LP 
- Portfolio Review San José International Photo partner PH Museum 2018 – Uruguay.
- Portfolio Review San José International Photo partner National Geographic 2016 - Uruguay.   

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Comunicador audiovisual. Miembro de 
Fluxus Foto y The Everyday Projects 
Ha trabajado en varios programas Estatales y ONG´S como tallerista y realizador de contenido fotográfico y audiovisual centrado en la Edu-Comunicación, Derechos Humanos y Territorio. Realizó programas educativos para TV Pública.

Colaborador para: Bloomberg News - Cannabis Magazine Revista Científica. 

Asignaciones para: ACNUR Agencia para los Refugiados N.U - Amnistia Internacional Suecia.
Ha publicado su trabajo en: Washington Post, BBC News, El País, Amnesty Press, Visão Magazine, Bistandsaktuelt, Revista DulceEquisNegra, G1 Global News, El Salto Díario, My News Desk, Informatíon, entre otros.


- National Geographic, Fondo de Emergencia COVID-19 para periodistas con Fluxus Foto, 2020
- King's College London, Metodologías Visuales Incorporadas Fondo 2020
- The Year in Pictures 2019 for Bloomberg LP 
- Portafolio Review San José Internacional foto partner National Geographic 2016 - Uruguay.
- Portafolio Review San José foto Internacional partner PH Museum 2018 – Uruguay.


David Diaz

David Diaz is an Ecuadorian audiovisual communicator and documentary visual storyteller.
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